How To: Take Care of Your Dwarf Rabbit During Hot Weather

Take Care of Your Dwarf Rabbit During Hot Weather

Hello! This post will be about the special care your dwarf rabbit needs during hot weather. There are many ways to keep your pet happy.

Step 1: Choose the Environment

Decide where should your dwarf rabbit stay during the hot weather:

  • in your house or apartment
  • outside, for example: in the courtyard, near your garden or on the lawn
  • in a special natural resort for animals.

Once you figure that out, decide where your pet will rest and sleep:
in a cage
in a hutch
in a hut
on the pile of hay
in the tunnel he dug.

Step 2: Provide Good Conditions

While the heath outside maybe doesn't bother you, it can be quite dangerous for your rabbit. He will be hotter than you, because of his fur. Make sure he:

stays in the shade most of the time
he gets fresh water at least two or three times a day
he gets enough of fresh leaves, vegetables, etc.
breaths normally (he could breathe a bit quicker and deeper), according to the circumstances
provides good cooling (make sure he has healthy ears, because they are the key factor for the natural cooling)
rests a lot during the day (dwarf rabbits are more active in the night-time)

stays in the area where temperature differences between daytime and night time are not too big (if you keep him outside)*

Step 3: Some Goodies

If you keep your dwarf rabbit in the shade but you think that the heath is still too hot for him to handle, you can follow some of my hints:

put some big stones or rocks inside his (for example) cage, for the cooling

make sure he doesn't have any dark stuff in the cage, for example old black towels, etc. (black color absorbs lots of heath, more than the brighter one)

remove old hay that is beginning to steam
remove poop daily
provide the interior of the cage that is not too hot.

That's it for today. Maybe you will come up with some new ideas by yourself. Thanks for the attention!

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