How To: Choose the Best Food for Your Dwarf Rabbit?

Choose the Best Food for Your Dwarf Rabbit?

Hello and welcome to my post. I would like to share a few things I have picked up along the way - while feeding my two dwarf rabbits. In this tutorial I would like to answer the question - How to choose the best food for your rabbit?

Step 1: From a Tiny Baby to a Grown Up Dwarf Rabbit or a Bunny

A baby dwarf rabbit or a bunny is very sensitive animal. He drinks his mother's milk for at least four weeks and than he can gradually start eating solid food. He should stop drinking his mother's milk around two months after his birth.

Step 2: Essential Foodstuffs

It is crucial that you remember that a rabbit needs a particular kind of food every day. He simply adores hay, and he also needs a meal that includes natural seeds, such as corn and dried carrots. He also likes clover, small pieces of apples, etc. He does not eat meat.

Eating lots of grass, vegetables will not harm him. He could gain weight by eating too much corn, etc.

  • It is best that you feed him twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and make sure he has enough of hay all the time. Give him lots of hay at once or smaller amounts several times a day. He will eat during the whole day, with breaks. If you will spent more time with him, you will soon notice his habits. My rabbits eat more in the evening hours.

If you don't have the time or the money to buy rabbit's food, just take a look at the stuff growing on your garden or on the meadow nearby.*

Rabbits love to eat hay, which is quite practical, especially in the winter time. But when it gets warmer, it is even better to provide them with fresh grass, such as clover, variety of green leaves, etc. For example, my rabbits love dandelion leaves.

Be careful, there should be a small transit era. Your pets should eat small amounts of fresh grass in spring, to get them used to it. Otherwise, new nutrition could be quite harmful.

If you keep your rabbits outdoors, you can put their cage on the grassy area. You almost won't need to use a lawn mower in the warmer months, cause' they'll eat the grass.

Step 3: Watch Out

Make sure your rabbits or bunnies eat healthy food. For example, buttercup is poisonous.

They eat very small amounts of sawdust that can be used for litter. Some people say it's best to avoid pine sawdust because of it's contents.

Rabbits produce two kinds of poop. One contains elements they need, so do not be surprised if you'll see your pet eating his poop.*

Step 4: Goodies

As your dwarf rabbits or bunnies grow up, you can give them bigger and firmer food. Remember - they love to chew. Give them:

some pieces of old bread - several times a week (good for the teeth)
a few leaves of cabbage - every day during the summer
a few apple pieces - occasionally (not too much, because of water-acid)
a few carrots a week or one every day (if you have them)
a banana - occasionally
a kiwi - occasionally.
And don't forget the delicious cabbage or turnip. Wait and see what your pet prefers.

Dear readers, thank you for the attention!

I wish you a nice day!

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