How To: Handle and restrain a rabbit for injections

This Animal Welfare Foundation three-part video tutorial is from expert veterinary staff demonstrating the correct procedures for handling small mammals for clinical examination and medication. Its aim is to show that the primary consideration should be for the the welfare of the animal. This video guide will show you practical animal handling for a rabbit.

How To: Give medication to a rabbit

Just like the rest of us, rabbits will take medicine more easily if it tastes good. But if you’re stuck with the old-fashioned, bad-tasting kind, here’s how to make the medicine go down. Watch this video to learn how to give medication to a rabbit.

How To: Make rabbit toys

There’s nothing a rabbit likes more than toys they can climb inside, shred, and drag around. With a good pair of scissors, you can make a steady supply of bunny-pleasers that won’t cost you a thing.

How To: Earn Trust from Your Rabbit

This is about how to make a rabbit become less wary of you and more trustful with you also. I myself have a Dutch that was released by its previous owner, then I rescued it. She never wants to be took out of her cage, but now she doesn't mind as long as I'm gentle and nice.

How To: Clicker train rabbits

These rabbit tricks are from the Santa Barbara Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter Association. is training the bunnies to respond to a clicker using principles of Pavlov's dog. She shows his tricks and when you must click and give a treat to reinforce the trained behavior.

How To: Bathe a pet rabbit and trim its nails

This audio slideshow shares experiences and tips on how to effectively and safely bathe your pet rabbit and also how to trim their nails. These are basic and necessary care routines to help you keep your rabbit healthy and happy. Follow along with this how-to tutorial to learn the best way to keep your rabbit happy, clean, and trimmed. Bathe a pet rabbit and trim its nails.

How To: Set up a playroom for your pet bunny

This audio how-to slideshow shares experiences and tips on how to set up a playroom or exercise room for your pet rabbit. Like people, rabbits don't like to be constantly confined in a small cage/space, so setting up an area or room where your rabbit can hop around and relax will make them live happier lives. Follow these helpful tips from an experience pet owner and learn how to set up a playroom for our pet rabbit. Set up a playroom for your pet bunny.

How To: Give subcutaneous fluids to a rabbit

Sub-q fluids should only be administered to an animal under the instruction of a veterinarian, but some pets, like rabbits, will need to receive them at home, when the veterinarian is not around. Proper procedure should be followed to ensure that the subcutaneous fluids are reaching the rabbit, and that the bunny doesn't get hurt from malpractice. Watch this video veterinary tutorial and learn how to give Sub-Q fluids to a pet rabbit.

How To: Detect conjunctivitis in pet rabbits

A veterinarian explains everything you need to know about conjunctivitis in young rabbits. Find out what rabbits get it, what it is and how to recognize symptoms of conjunctivitis. Watch this video veterinary tutorial and learn how to detect conjunctivitis in a pet bunny rabbit.

How To: Trim a rabbits teeth

Sometimes a rabbits teeth are mis-aligned. This can happen by pulling on a cage, a fall or from a congenital condition. They overlap, grow too long and can interfere with eating - to the point of death. These teeth need to be trimmed frequently, here's how to do it.

How To: Take care of rabbits

If you're interested in owning a rabbit, or perhaps have one or two already, follow London Vauxhall City Farm's step by step guide to caring for your rabbit. Information is provided on the proper housing and bedding, handling, and diet for your rabbit. Also, learn what rabbits need and enjoy, such as how long and often they should exercise and play. The video also shows how to clean out your rabbit's hutch or home, groom your rabbit, and check your rabbit's health and what abnormal signs to l...

How To: Take care of a pet rabbit

Sarah is a resident exotic animal health technician and has been working as a technician for seven years, but she began working with animals over 12 years ago at the Wildlife Care Center and has worked at several animal hospitals in the South Florida and Gainesville areas. Man has had a unique relationship with a certain long-eared animal on this planet. The rabbit, order Lagomorpha, has often been considered to be lucky, perhaps because of its place in African folklore and magic; and some ca...

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