How To: Make rabbit toys

Make rabbit toys

There's nothing a rabbit likes more than toys they can climb inside, shred, and drag around. With a good pair of scissors, you can make a steady supply of bunny-pleasers that won't cost you a thing.

You Will Need:
* A rabbit
* Heavy-duty scissors
* Clean, old towels of any size
* A sturdy knife
* Corrugated cardboard boxes
* Empty cereal boxes and cardboard oatmeal containers
* Feed-quality timothy hay
* Old phone books and paperback books
* A clean old T-shirt or pieces of cotton cloth

Step 1: Make rag dolls
Cut off the legs of the jeans with the scissors. Discard the top part of the jeans, and tie a knot in each leg. Presto: two machine-washable rabbit "rag dolls."
*Tip: Clean old T-shirts or rags can also be made into rabbit toys.

Step 2: Make towel toys
Give your rabbit towels to sit on, drag around, and play tug-of-war with.
*Tip: Make sure to wash all bunny towels regularly. Rabbits may use them instead of a litter box.

Step 3: Make cardboard castles
Use heavy-duty scissors or a sturdy knife to cut rabbit-sized doors in a few boxes and turn them into playhouses. biting the doors into new shapes.
*Tip: Always cut two doors in a cardboard box. Rabbits prefer to play in boxes that they know they'll be able to get out of easily.

Step 4: Offer boxes or containers
Give your bunny empty cereal boxes and cardboard oatmeal containers to shred, drag, and sit on. Stick a handful of timothy hay inside to make the toy especially enticing.
*Tip: Cut a slit up the side of an oatmeal container so there's no chance your rabbit can get their head stuck inside.

Step 5: Use old phonebooks and paperbacks
Since they don't contain staples, old phonebooks and paperbacks are fun and safe for bunnies to tear up.

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