How To: Give subcutaneous fluids to a rabbit

Give subcutaneous fluids to a rabbit

Sub-q fluids should only be administered to an animal under the instruction of a veterinarian, but some pets, like rabbits, will need to receive them at home, when the veterinarian is not around. Proper procedure should be followed to ensure that the subcutaneous fluids are reaching the rabbit, and that the bunny doesn't get hurt from malpractice. Watch this video veterinary tutorial and learn how to give Sub-Q fluids to a pet rabbit.

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I really appreciate you showing this,and how you took the time to show it. I will be doing this for my little Bunny "Molly" and you made me feel less nervous! Thank you!

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to make this video to help others. I have been nervous all week about giving my bunny fluids because I was afraid I would forget the steps but I'm going to use your video to help guide me through it. Thank you wonderful lady!

Thank you! Thank you! I've looked at so many videos for administering fluids. Couldn't find one on filling drip chamber or second option for where to give. I have a dwarf rabbit and that "tent" was very hard to find. Sunny & I thank you again.

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