How To: Recognize a Rabbit's Nest?

Recognize a Rabbit's Nest?

Hello! I would like to share some data about the nests that rabbits and dwarf rabbits build. They represent good shelters for them and their babies.

Step 1: Take a Peek into the Nest

You will have to know which material rabbits use for building their shelters, in order to recognize them, their cute nests.

They use:
their own hair
fresh grass
pieces of the newspaper
pieces of small branches
small sticks

Step 2: The Purpose

Rabbits build nests mostly for two reasons:
for a shelter, for a good night sleep
for a shelter while giving birth (kindling - or having a false, phantom pregnancy).

It is natural for them to make a shelter, especially a day or a few days before giving birth. Otherwise, nesting could be a sign of false, so-called phantom pregnancy. Observe the rabbit if you are not sure what will soon happen. Try to find out if the babies are on their way or if it's just a false alarm.

Do not be afraid if your rabbit is chopping down his hair with his sharp teeth (mostly around chest). He could even use the hair of his buddy or a relative. If the two become too aggressive you can simply separate them for a while.

Step 3: Watch Out for the Tendrils!

I would like to add one more thing. I have recently read that tendrils make rabbits lively, more 'grooming enthusiastic'. So, if you want the opposite, keep them away from your vine.

Thank you for the attention!

I wish you a pleasant day!

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